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The QuickScan Utility contains some useful tools to help with some day to day chores. 
bulletConvert QS 2.x: If you are updating from a release 2 version of QuickScan, you may opt convert some of your data to a text file to save space before converting the bulk of your data to the QuickScan 98 (release 3) format.  back
bulletConvert QS98 Archives:  You may also use the Utility to convert old QuickScan 98/99 archive file data into a delimited text file for storage and to save space.  back
bulletThe Repair/Compact tool found in the Utility performs the same function as the Repair/Compact found in the QuickScan 98 program's maintenance function.  The usefulness of having the repair feature separate from QuickScan is that you may run the repair on any QuickScan file.  You were not able to do this while in QuickScan because having QuickScan open caused some files to remain "in use" where they could not be repaired or compacted.  back
bulletThe Update Ver. 2 homefile tool allows you to create a new homefile.mdb for your release 2 QuickScanJr users after you have modified data in that file.  Homefile.mdb contains all of your programming data, clip types, categories and Hot Topics.  The new release 3 homefile is not compatible with release 2 programs and it is therefore necessary to create the new homefile.mdb any time you modify your data.  This insures that your remote logger's data stays synchronized with your main data.  This is a very easy utility to run and may be run as often as you like.  back
bulletThe Program Time Changer utility is a feature to change the Broadcast Time on multiple records in a QuickScan data file. This feature changes records within a date range, on a specified station, at a specified time.  back
bulletThe Duplicate Record Utility is a new one-button feature to eliminate duplicate records in a QuickScan 'clips' data file.  This function looks at a concatenation of four fields in a record to determine if the record is unique. It is therefor necessary that the QuickScan user has been entering data into each of these fields when entering program data. The fields are: Broadcast Date, Broadcast Time, Station and (most importantly) Time In (the time the beginning of the "clip" occurs in the broadcast).    back
bulletThe Move Summary field feature moves all data in a QuickScan clip-data type file from each record's "Summary" field to the associated record's "Description" field. This is helpful for users or remote loggers who have accidentally enabled the option to log data into the Summary field.  This utility will work on any QuickScan type clip-data file so a remote logger's data may be corrected prior to being imported and appended to the QuickScan main clip-data files.  It may also be run on the Archive.mdb or Current.mdb files if the QuickScan user suspects misplaced data.  back
bulletThe Main Records conversion utility will probably only be used the one time when you first change over from release 2 QuickScan to the release 3, QuickScan 98.  Be sure to contact Broadcast Data Systems if you feel that you need to run the conversion utility a second time as you could possibly duplicate all of your data.  back   

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