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Here's what some are saying about QuickScan...

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An IABM Company of the Year

bulletThanks -- Just this morning, as I was running reports I was admiring your work in building this search engine. It's amazing and an invaluable tool of the industry. It's great that you continually work to improve and problem solve. You can be proud of your work with QuickScan. Thank you as always.  Tina Knipp, Media Library, St. Louis, MO
bulletTo be honest with you, our interest in inewsnetwork has greatly increased because of the fact that you're involved. I've always appreciated your vendor support and professionalism, and if you're a big part of this new venture, I'm sure we'll want to sign on.  Glenn Tokumaru, Dateline Media, Honolulu, HI
bulletI am really happy for you and you really deserve it.  Sue McNeely, Media Library, Cincinnati, OH
bullet..we have a client that needs 33 separate searches - going back to Sept, 21 - by 5pm today. Thank GOD and KEVIN for QuickScan!!  Lyle Holzmann, AirCheck News Taping, San Antonio, TX
bulletI am absolutely delighted to learn that you received the "Company of the Year" Award at this year's IABM conference. 

It is a shame that I could not attend the meeting because I would have loved to personally shake your hand. Like so many in the IABM, your advice and direction in helping my former company -- NewsCount -- get our network computer programs and monitoring software up to speed years ago were invaluable. As a result, NewsCount became a very successful company. 

I thank you. And I appreciate the IABM even more now for recognizing you ... because you justly deserve that esteemed honor.  Ed Moser, formerly of NewsCount, Phoenix, AZ

bulletYou are extremely gifted, not only in your knowledge but in your demeanor that is unflappable and so patient.  Holly Jones, J. Wine Associates, Pittsburgh, PA
bulletYou have been a lifesaver for us at VNC so we're glad you've been recognized. Thanks for everything.   Jill Ferguson, Video News Clip, Inc., Tampa, FL
bulletNDS affiliates can prepare files in almost any application that they choose, but the most commonly used and recommended program is "QuickScan."   This program already contains the necessary programming to create data in the NDS format.  Many affiliates use QuickScan, while others use their own applications.   NDS strongly recommends that new affiliates consider QuickScan, since its data export capabilities are customized for NDS.   News Data Services' Web site
bulletI was glad to see you get your award, Your support has been much appreciated.  Tom King, Tempo IV | Seattle, WA
bulletYou the man!  What customer service.   Todd Murphy, Universal Information Services, Inc., Omaha, NE
bullet...we just wanted you to know how very pleased we are with the design and performance of the software and with your responsive service whenever we have asked questions...   ...We feel that you and QuickScan will be integral parts of our future growth in professional service to our clients...   Martha Council, Metro Monitor, Birmingham, AL
This is the best update yet. It has made the batches considerably faster. My dad and I were talking last night about how great you have been with the support. Thank you.    Dred Porter Jr., Magnolia Broadcast Monitoring, Jackson, MS
bulletThank you so much for your attention on the weekend!  I am up and running perfectly now, thank you for fixing it so quickly.  I'm glad I was able to give the right information you needed in a concise manner.  I've used this program for many years now and the few times I've needed your assistance you've never let me down!  Thank You... Stephanie McGrath, Media Library, Inc., Columbus, OH

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