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This page was last updated: 02/19/08

********************Hardware  *******************

EvoTechPro - Digital recording and editing computers created as turn-key devices specifically for the news monitoring industry

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Postech, Inc. - Closed Caption Decoder Boards. Captures station-provided closed caption text that you can import directly into QuickScan

*********************Utilities  ********************* - It's free and you can make your computer accessible to tech support personnel for easy service.

Download Microsoft SnapShot Viewer (1.8 MB) Generate, send and receive reports easily by email or upload to a Web site.   Unlike Adobe Acrobat this is FREE!
Down load the snpvw90.exe file to any location on your computer then double click on the file  to start the installation.  Follow the instructions on your screen.

Download RhinoSoft's FTP Voyager software.  This software is a great, dependable way to have files automatically uploaded and downloaded via FTP.  Contact RhioSoft's Web site for purchase information.

WinZip nifty utility by NicoMac to reduce file sizes for storage and transfer - FREE fully functional demo download

Download JetComp Utility Now (39KB)  The JetComp utility will allow you to perform repairs on your corrupted QuickScan data files.

CompuForms QuickScan tape and shipping labels.  Model # P1-425 (2" X 4 5/16" pin feed).  Many other labels available at great prices. Great service too!

Atomic Clock  - Keep your PC's time correct to the second!

PK Solutions  Advanced repair service for damaged or corrupted databases. 96% success rate!

lgoIE.gif (2932 bytes)   Get Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 (Includes Outlook Express and more!)

****************** Miscellaneous ******************

Liz Hengber - Our dear friend Liz is now an established Music Row song-writing icon.  Long gone are the days of waiting tables in Nashville's spaghetti-serving sweat shops.  It's because of her great heart and generosity that she's written this book to help others more easily find their way when coming to Nashville seeking a writing career.  Even if you're not interested in writing country music, you'll enjoy Liz's unique perspective, story telling and good humor!  Click the link to order your copy.  It's a bargain and we promise that you won't be disappointed.  

**************National Networks***************

The Power to Know ... The Power to Respond. SM

International network of news monitoring services

A Cooperative of news monitoring services

*********Professional Organizations*********

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"The" professional organization for broadcast monitors

National Association of Broadcasters

****************** Miscellaneous ******************

E&P Media Links this site can tell you who the broadcasters (TV & Radio), newspapers, magazines and associations are in nearly every locale all over the world!

Currency Conversion | OANDA, The Currency Site is a comprehensive provider of foreign exchange information. Convert from USD to Pounds Sterling to Malaysian Ringgit

Time Zones  The World Clock gives useful time zone information and international country calling codes

Translation Altavista's Babel Fish Translation Utility provides the ability to translate blocks of text and entire websites in various languages

Accented Characters  A nice utility for accented and non-English characters. Copy and Paste into your inewsnetwork search page

Country Information  CIA Country Factbook is a useful resource for background information on countries

Market Rankings - 210 US Markets ranked according to Nielsen.

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