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Continuing Service Plan

A subscription to the Continuing Service Plan includes the following:

Unlimited telephone technical support for the QuickScan news-logging programs (Subscriber is responsible for long distance or air-time expenses incurred). Routine calls will be accepted during normal business hours. Emergency call response will be as timely as possible.  Technical support includes all computer problems that may arise that are directly related to the QuickScan software application. Support in areas other than that directly related to QuickScan will be offered, if available, and no guarantees are implied other than in respect to the QuickScan application. (In other words, we'll try to answer any questions and provide assistance with problems that don’t directly relate to QuickScan whenever that is within our abilities.)
An emergency reach-us-anytime, CSP subscriber-exclusive pager/mobile phone number.
Subscribers will be entitled to on-site visits by a Broadcast Data System representative. This for the purpose of training or technical assistance. This service will be limited to one (1) full day per any three-month period per main location (subscription price is based on the number of Subscriber controlled locations using QuickScan programs). Multiple location Subscribers may use accumulated location/days for service at one location. Service days do not carry-over from month to month and unused days incur no refund. Travel and accommodation expense for the Broadcast Data Systems representative is to be paid by the Subscriber. Travel and accommodations are subject to approval.
Subscribers will be offered upgrades to the QuickScan programs, as they become available. There will be no additional costs for upgrades throughout the duration of this subscription (there will be $20.00 shipping, handling and materials fee per location for each upgrade where disks must be delivered. Most upgrades will be performed by electronic file transfer, which will incur no cost for the subscriber).
Once the CSP has been in effect for 60 days the Subscriber is entitled to a 30% discount from the regular price of each additional seat license (QuickScanJr, QuickScanJr Plus or QSafeTNet Workstation). The monthly CSP subscription fee is subject to re-assessment whenever a license location is added.
Subscription Term: The Continuing Service Plan subscription is available in annual increments. At the end of each year’s subscription period, either party may elect to discontinue the service with written notice received 30 days prior to the subscription expiration date.
If, for any reason, this agreement is discontinued prior to term, the full, non-discounted cost of services and materials that had been purchased by the Subscriber, less the monthly payments that had been made, will be due immediately to Broadcast Data Systems.

Monthly CSP price is subject to re-assessment whenever the Subscriber increases the number of QuickScan license seats/locations.


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