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This page was last updated: 03/16/09
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We are now offering two great new utilities for news monitors:

QS Text is a new closed caption text editing and automatic cc text reconciliation utility.

Manually build your local dictionary with words and phrases set for how they are to be capitalized and spelled then set it for full automatic mode to process hours of programming automatically.  The QS Text manual mode has quick-key combinations to allow the easy addition of story-parsing delimiters and/or other key phrases used in monitoring.  Greatly improve the quality of your report products - quickly, easily and efficiently.


QS Move is a new utility designed to automatically move and expire files of any type and size based on file age.  

Set a variety of options for file sources and destination and/or expirations.  QS Move is a command-line driven application so it can be easily installed and run via Windows Scheduler or other scheduling software.  Save time and stop worrying with your file-manipulation chores.


QuickScan Pro7 is now available.  See Update Information page for details.

QuickScan Pro7 is the most automated version of QuickScan yet.  Previously time consuming tasks such as importing Closed Caption text and uploading it to data sharing networks are now fully automatic.  Routine QuickScan file maintenance and backup has now also been automated.  All to give you more time to tend to what's really important:  serving your clients.



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