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Manual Notes Entry

The QuickScan Input Clips screen is where manual logging of a news program is done...

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Manual Parsing of Closed Caption Files    (Click here to view details of automatically importing of CC files)

For Importing and reconciling Closed Caption text files the first step is entering program information (header) then selecting the closed caption file that you'd like to import (closed caption text files are created by a closed caption decoder device that may be purchased separately from Postech, Inc. Click to go to Helpful Links page.  QuickScan will now also import closed caption files created by the "SoftTouch" device).

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If the station does not include characters to indicate the end of a story  (such as: >>>), QuickScan will open the Define/Edit Stories screen.  This is where the end of a story may be indicated with a check mark.  More information 


If the closed caption text in your area includes story delimiter characters, QuickScan will automatically skip the previous step, parse each story into an individual record, calculate the length of each story and open this set of story records for editing in the Closed Caption Edit and Append screen...       

After running a spell check, flagging stories with categories or account names or editing the closed caption text, the user simply clicks a button to append the new stories to the main data file.  

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