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The Essential Tool For Professional News Monitors

QuickScan database products allow professional news monitors to expand their product line, make their business more efficient, organized and profitable!  It is the ONE essential tool for professional news monitors.







Features and Improvements for QuickScan Pro 7

Important in this update is that many of the previously manually run operations are now automated and can be run on a schedule.  These include automatic import and upload of closed caption data and fully automatic backup and self-maintenance.  

QuickScan no longer requires that any Microsoft Office products be installed in order to utilize its rich feature set.  QuickScan Pro 7, in addition to an internal FTP client, now contains its own internal email features and its own internal spelling checker. Previously available Microsoft Office interfaces are all still functional (MAPI email, Report-to-document conversion and spelling checker).

Search Engine
The new advanced search engine was designed specifically for news monitors.  The new QuickScan search engine interface saves you hours of labor time by eliminating up to 90% of the search result screening required with other search engines.

QuickScan incorporates a full compliment of Boolean functionality on nearly every field in the database in addition to many advanced specialty features.  These advanced searches may be created on an ad hoc basis or stored as an "Account Profile" to be used with future searches or in the Batch search process. In addition to a large variety of report styles, QuickScan search results may also be exported to a format for QuickScan DL users.

Ease of Data Entry - Decoded Closed Caption text/Manual Input
Of course there would be nothing to search without an efficient way to get news data into the database. QuickScan makes this easy. 

Easy, intuitive interface for manual entry of news story synopsis

Easy batch import and parsing of closed caption text data.  Decoded cc text files are  parsed into stories by delimiter (where provided by broadcaster or manually entered).  The story length is automatically calculated along with the Relative Media Value of each story.

QuickScan Imports closed caption text data from two decoder formats

Postech, Inc. (recommended)


Where delimiters are not provided by the broadcaster -

Automatically parse into story blocks based on a user defined time interval.

Use the parse interface and quickly and accurately parse each broadcast into stories.

Internal Spelling Checker
Until recently the QuickScan family of applications relied on the installation of specific Microsoft Office products for its spelling checking features.  QuickScan now contains its own, fully functional spelling checking utility.

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The international news source and delivery network, inewsnetwork,  was founded by Kevin Stewart in 2002.  It's a system designed to work seamlessly with your local QuickScan database.  With 'iNN' you can service all of your important clients with data from a market, region, the nation or around the world.  iNN provides unprecedented global access to broadcast and print news.

Order Creation and Tracking
With the QuickScan order creation and tracking system we've tried to think of every thing a news monitor might need.  Monitors are faced with the the under-rated complexity of tracking their business dealings and QuickScan makes sense of that. It begins by allowing a monitor to initiate orders directly from search results. It will then calculate and display prices for items entered from a search as well as accept items that may be added to the order that are not a direct result of a search, such as dubs, transcripts, out-of-market clips, reports or other service. 

Royalties are automatically calculated according to the percentage you have negotiated with the broadcasters you monitor and reports are easily generated to make payment and accounting a snap. 

Sales tax is automatically calculated according to the tax rate in the location where your client makes his purchases.  Taxable and non-taxable items are accounted for. 

Track an order through its entire life cycle allowing the department responsible for each phase of the order to time stamp it when they are through with their portion of the work and automatically pass it to the next phase. 

Office managers have a quick view of the status of all pending orders.

Story Flags                                                                                    Return to the top
important feature is QuickScan's ability to flag stories (news clips) with any number of "Account" names and then later recall stories according to those flags. 

With QuickScan, when a data entry analyst (logger) is entering clips or importing a CC text file, the analyst is able to flag any clip that they might recognize as being relevant to a client. The user can flag a story with as many Accounts flags as may be needed. The added benefit is bringing your analyst/logger into the sales process by helping your sales staff with the job of recognizing potential leads.  

Automatically Flag Stories                                                              Return to the top
Another ,even more convenient and versatile, way to use Account flags is after a client's keyword search. As the user is viewing search results they may place a check mark on those stories that are not relevant to the Client. They may then click a single button that automatically flags all of the relevant stories!  Among the other benefits, this means that a user may reconstitute a particular search at some point in the future without having to go back through all of the non-relevant stories again. 

Media Value Reports. These important reports display the audience numbers for each relevant story and then calculate the approximate relative media value of each story based on the story's length and the 30 second ad cost for that particular program. The report also total these amounts to give total audience numbers and a total approximate media value of the coverage received during the report's date range. It also calculates and displays a "Media Value Index", which is a number that goes up or down depending on the number of hits per newscast, the length of the stories in the newscast containing the hits and the ratings of the newscasts where the hits were received.  The Media Value Index is a simple number that your publicity-minded company may use to track the quality of the news coverage they are receiving.   

There is also a plethora of other reports found within QuickScan including a Transcript Report, Clipping Report, large font versions of many of the standard QuickScan reports, Logging Report that calculates who logged which program, various sales and tracking reports, etc. etc..  If there's not a report to suit your specific needs, it's an inexpensive convenience to have Broadcast Data Systems create a variation to your exact specifications.

Batch Reports
With a single mouse click, automatically search and create reports for every client who has coverage within the specified date range.  QuickScan allows you to set up sophisticated search profiles for clients and then run them in groups according to how often the client wishes to receive the information and in groups that you can quickly and easily define. From the batch QuickScan will automatically output reports via

Email - in four formats: 

RTF (Rich Text Format, for virtually all word processors); 

HTML (viewable in any Web browser); 

SnapShot (Microsoft's portable document format); and 

PDF (Adobe's portable document format).

FAX - automatically outputs reports through your computer's FAX software

Print - sends reports to your default printer.

Printed News                                                                                   Return to the top
There are now new optional features in QuickScan for news monitors who are also logging printed news and a companion program to help print "readers" flag articles to the correct account.


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