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Main Application License

QuickScan Pro 7 – Main application     $1099.00 / $399 annually 
The annual license fee includes updates to all workstations at no extra charge and allows users to add workstations seats at no extra charge


QuickScan Print Logging Module                  $199.00

Upgrades (main application)

Upgrade to Pro 7 from QuickScan ProMedia 1, 2, 3 or 4   $399.00

Upgrade to Pro 7 from QuickScan 98/99   $499

This QuickScan ProMedia 4i update serves every news monitoring need from input to invoice.     

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Workstation License Workstation Licenses (priced per workstation on the network):

QS Pro 7 Workstation license & software  $149.00 (with CC Module)


QSWorkstation Pro 7 upgrade from ProMedia 1, 2, 3 or 4     $69.00

QSWorkstation ProMedia 6 upgrade from QS98/99      $89.00

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Remote Monitor License  click for more info
Now includes internal spell checker!

Priced per each remote location

QuickScanJR Pro 5 remote logging application     $199.00

QuickScanJR Pro 5 (7 seats & over)     $179.00


QuickScanJR Pro 5 upgrade from QSjr ver.4i  $29.00 (cc)

QuickScanJR Pro 5 upgrade from all other earlier versions    $75.00

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QuickScan DL - Monitor's Client Down-load  Application
The "DL" application is used in conjunction with a subscription for the data supplied by you.

QuickScanDL ProMedia -    $299.00/$139.00 annual 

DL Six-Pack – Main location plus 5 workstations $699.00/$299 annual

QuickScanDL ProMedia additional workstation seats (after purchase of DL Six-Pack)   $69.00 ea.



QuickScan Modifications - Reports and an unlimited number of other features may be modified or created to suit your businesses special and individual needs. Call for a Quote

CSP - Our Continuing Service Plan, which provides unlimited free tech support, free updates, significant discounts on additional remotes, network and hub licenses, and much more. An 'IS' department for you - without the staff! 

Replacement Setup CD  -   $20.00 ea. (includes all shipping and handling)

Replacement QuickScanJR Manual   -  $5.00

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* All prices are subject to change without notice  

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